Valley Gardens
Whitley Bay
Tyne & Wear
Postcode: NE25 9AQ
Telephone: 0191 200 8792
Fax: 0191 200 8785
Valley Gardens Middle School
An English, Maths and Science Specialist School
What do you want to achieve?
Aims and Values

Valley Gardens Middle School aims to discover and develop fully the potential of each pupil (i.e. socially, academically, practically and aesthetically) by:

*Making learning a pleasurable experience.
*Providing opportunities for the formation of secure relationships with peers and adults.
*Encouraging an enquiring, investigative and analytical approach to schoolwork and the wider world.
*Providing opportunity for the pupil to develop self reliance, independence, co-operation and tolerance as appropriate.
*Developing a responsible attitude to people and property within the school and in the wider world.

During the middle years we aim to provide each pupil with a variety of personally rewarding and exploratory experiences. Pupils therefore receive a broad balanced education in as wide a range of subjects as possibe. This is also the time when we try to reinforce and extend basic skills.