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School Meals

Please take a look at our wide range of school meals served at Valley Gardens
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November 2011 menus

November 2011
Catering Services like to ensure that school lunches are enjoyable for your child, so have made some changes to the current menu. Students have tried new dishes and these are reflected in changes to the three week menu. This menu will commence on Monday 31 October 2011.

The menu has five daily choices all prepared with fresh ingredients and made on site by a dedicated catering team. We are also introducing more sandwich filling choices served in crusty oven baked baguettes with plenty of salad choice from the salad bar. Students can choose a second course of a hot or cold pudding, fruit salad, yoghurt or a piece of fresh fruit.

School meals are great value for money - costing only 1.95 per day (9.75 per week). Students can stay for lunch all week or choose the days they wish to stay. Meals should be paid for in advance, on a Monday for that week's meals.

The new menu is available on North Tyneside website under Children, Schools and Families section. A Sample menu is provided above the information you are now reading.